Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Upset at misread editorial

Mr. Jensen, I read your editorial in which you state that you donít believe that we should have laws governing gun ownership because bad people will just break the laws and have guns anyway. With that thinking, then why should we laws at all because bad people will always break them? Why should we have traffic laws, lights and stop signs, because bad people will disregard them? Why should we be required to register our vehicles because bad people will drive without registration? Your gullible mind has been influenced by the corrupt NRA and gun dealers who think everybody should have a gun and that is making gun violence worse. Regardless of what you think, Democrats are gun lovers too and they have no desire to confiscate your guns. We need sensible gun laws. We canít just not do anything.

The editorial was written by David Jenkins, not Mike Jensen. And you misread the entire editorial. If you go back and read the column with an open mind, you will see that it states we need more than gun laws, which havenít worked when implemented. There is no mention of political parties or the NRA.

Wake up, cheaters

I just love how these women can bust up homes and think the kids from the family will cherish them. Wake up, these kids hate you. They only tolerate you to be able to be around their dad. Remember if you broke up a home he will leave you for someone else.

Lock up your guns if you have kids

I believe they are going to have to start charging the parents of these school shooters. Lock your gun and hide the key. These children arenít old enough to buy a gun. Iím sure these parents never would have believed their kid would do this. If they get a gun somewhere outside your home, you canít help that. As long as you have any child in your home, even if they are out of school, lock it up please.