Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Upset about Medicaid run-around

Yes, Iím just kind of upset right now about Medicaid, about my grandmother. She was supposed to get her pain medicine refilled and Medicaid refused to pay for her medicine. So we had to pay it. So I had to take her back to doctor, sheís been on this medicine for years, sheís 87 years old, she had to call Medicaid, the same thing the pharmacist did, three different times the pharmacist called them. They asked him one question he gave them the answer. The same answer he said he gave the pharmacy three times and it went through. Two-and-a-half hours later went back and they reimbursed me for the money. But it ainít that. Itís the point my grandmother has to go through all this stuff to get her medicine. Itís a shame Medicaid.

How can someone forget kids in car?

I donít see how anybody can forget their child in a car. They either want to forget them or theyíre stupid. If they forget their child in a car and it dies they should go to prison for murder. Thatís all it is is murder. If youíre too stupid to take care of their children and forget about them they donít need their children. Thank you.