Saturday, July 27, 2019

Sanders is wild-eyed communist

To the person who wrote in and said that Bernie Sanders is sexy, I guess if you like a wild-eyed communist, then you might think thatís sexy. After all, he did go on his honeymoon to Russia. I think you might want to learn what socialism is all about. Unless youíre very, very wealthy, then you probably donít want socialism. Socialism is where the very wealthy keep all the money and dole out just what they want to to the lower class people that live right here in the Heartland. So they would be giving us just what we need to sustain.

Trump is one of best presidents ever

Donald Trump is one of the best presidents that has ever served as President of the United States. Our stock market, just the other day, reached a new all-time high of 27,000. Anybody who has a 401K with their employer knows investments are in the stock market and watch your 401K soar with the Trump economy. President Trump is one of the most smartest, honest presidents weíve ever had. He loves the American people and thatís why I love him.

Sure do miss Jensen

Boy I sure do miss Michael Jensen. He was a wonderful editor of the Sikeston Standard for many years. I enjoyed reading his articles so much. He was just so insightful and I really miss him being at the Standard Democrat. What a shame that he is no longer there.