Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Not drinking the Democrats Kool-Aid

The person who did write in that Trump did allow foreign influence apparently is drinking the Kool-Aid being handed out by the Democrats, I mean socialists, in this country. The Democrat party is no longer your father, or your grandfather. It is the party of nothing but anarchist who believe in socialism who want open borders throughout the world and they want everybody to come into the United States and let the American taxpayers pay for their insurance and health care and medical care, their housing, their food stamps, their welfare. Everything at the taxpayers expense. Where do you think all of these are going to be paid from? They’re going to be paid from your payroll tax. They’re going to be paid from your withholdings. Whenever you go to work instead of having $50 withheld from your check under a Democrat you will have $500 withheld to pay for all of these foreigners they’re going to let come into our country.