Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Ignorance is easily manipulated

Ignorant people are easily led. You tell them something and they have no reason to not accept it. Thatís why the plantation class didnít want slaves to learn to read. And our schools are fulfilling the same function with the general public now. Is this the society you want your descendants to live in Mr. Editor?

Should kids eat dirty food?

I just want to get other peopleís opinion on something. I was at a park about five days ago. I seen a woman give her kids hamburgers. Kids took the top bun off. Took the meat and dropped the hamburger on the ground. You see the dirt and everything. They picked it up. Awe this dirt wonít hurt my kids. What would you do? Should I have said something? Or do you just turn your head and walk the other way like I did? Cause nowadays you never know. There was a group of people. I thought it was disgusting and three of her kids more or less just ate off the ground.

Civil war isnít in our future

Yeah, Iíve been hearing that people think there is going to be a civil war. I donít think there would be much of a war considering that one side has nine trillion bullets and the other side doesnít know which bathroom to use.