Saturday, September 7, 2019

Check on loved ones in nursing homes

The people who have their loved ones in a nursing home, I donít really care what nursing home it is, they need to just drop in every once in a while, unexpectedly and theyíll see how most of them are treated. Theyíre not really took care of. They are too busy texting and yapping and stuff. They need to check on their loved ones a whole lot and unexpectedly. Donít go the same time, all the time, because everything will be perfect if they do.

Check into Epsteinís properties

Every inch of Jeffrey Epsteinís properties needs to be searched. Iíll bet you will find little bodies. If you even find one, it needs to be made public, and the search needs to continue for everyone associated with him. Of course youíre familiar with protecting the rich. The Standard doesnít print any crimes or arrests of elite families. Youíre very good at that. So I know there wonít be any call for you to continue searching for these criminals among the elite. You think thatís all right.

We want to know about oil leaks

Mr. Editor, can you find out if the oil, gallons and gallons and gallons of it, is still pouring from the oil leak several years? Find out if the oil is still pouring into the Gulf of Mexico? The last I heard it was and Iím sure the oil companies would want to silence any news of it, but donít you think you owe it to the United States, not to mention Sikeston. I know you like keeping people ignorant and complying with every wish of the capitalist forces, but would you find out about that please?

The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico in 2017 was stopped, however, it is believed by some oil is still leaking from the 2004 Taylor oil spill. Sikeston residents can no longer be ignorant to the topic.