Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Stop yelling at your kids

I find it sad that housing allows a person to remain living in their apartments when all they do all day is get drunk and yell at whoever is in their apartment. This is a daily thing in an apartment on the corner of Fletcher and Cleveland. You can hear the guy yelling at kids who live with him. Come on, parenting is not about how loud you can get. Itís about how soft spoken you can be and still reach the child. I have seen this guy many times and he is always drunk driving a blue GMC and living in housing causing disturbances yet when he mows neighborís yards heís as calm as can be until he goes back to his apartment and the yelling starts again. Come on people, this is housing elderly people, young people and kids. We should not have to put up with this. And one other thing if cigarettes arenít allowed on housing property then alcohol should be banned too. Cigarettes clutter the yards. Alcohol clutters the mind, helping angry people get worst contributing to problems that should be trying to be reduced not contributed to. When is there going to be an end put to this?