Saturday, September 21, 2019

Disrespected at Sikeston business

This is to the individual who works at a particular Sikeston business and he rudely disrespected me and wanted to badly cut my utilities off as hot as it has been. I am under doctorís care, need oxygen, B-pap and have heart failure. They jipped me out of several dollars that wasnít due. I hope he is paid back 100-times more for being so arrogant and so crude. I hope God watches over him. Your life will be cut short because you are a dead-beat millennial that has a job that has went to his head. Things can be took away bro.

Treated badly at Sikeston business

There is a certain business in town who treated me so badly today, I have to bring it to the attention of the public. They have no feelings for anyone or their situation. Anyone who has ever treated me badly always goes downhill. I have looked back on my life and I have seen this happen. I am a Christian woman and I was abused today. I would say it was elderly abuse by an individual at a company here in town that you would think they would hire very good people. They even ordered me out of their office and threatened that they were going to call the police. I just feel like this needs to be reported and it shouldnít happen again. Thank you.

Miss newspaper carriers in East Prairie

I live in East Prairie and I have to tell you, I was so saddened to learn that Jerry and Kathy no longer are paper carriers. They were absolutely the best. And thatís a big best. The world could use more people like those two. Also, I miss Mike Jensenís editorial. He and I were on the same page, but Iím pleased to know in our local Eagle paper his column is there. I enjoy reading it. God bless and keep America safe.

We agree. Jerry and Kathy are some of the finest carriers and people that weíve ever come to meet, too. We sadly see them go but understand their health and well being come first.