Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fair is for the kids

Yes, this is to when they just had a carnival out at the rodeo grounds, and I just wanted to let people know they need to put this back up town, because if there is no alcohol and remember that it is still for children and teens. Itís their town, not adult time to sit out there and drink while children are out there on rides. There may be an emergency and it is no place to have alcohol sold.

Apology accepted

Thank you for Mr. Editor for printing my anti-Rodeo comment. And I do apologize but I must stand by my comment about the capitalist and I will continue to do so. Thank you.

No ex-military as cops

I heard years ago a high ranking military officer, I believe it was a general, was the way basic training was done in the military is to destroy the egos of the young men or women and then rebuild them into killing machines. Now is this a case for reducing the number of ex-military in our small town and city police departments? I believe it is.

Young people need more options

If you want at least a partial solution to opioid epidemic, supposedly epidemic in this country, young people need more options than just going into the military or taking on lifetime debt for some job producing, supposed empty education. Or flipping hamburgers. Those seem to be the options.