Saturday, October 12, 2019

Walmart needs a gooseís sense

I couldnít help but notice all day long in the news today Walmart announcing they were not going to sell handgun ammo anymore or ammo they considered for assault weapons. That has got to be the most ridiculous and most hypocritical thing I have ever seen by a corporation I have seen in my entire life. What good does it do to stop selling handgun ammunition, which is not the problem anyway, when on the very next aisle you and they have every kind of conceivable holster, shoulder holster, ankle holsters, belly holsters to carry weapons? The have accessories for AR-15s, they have stocks, they have sights, they have halo sights, they have tactical scopesÖ But yet they are going to take away the handgun ammo like that is really going to do anything. And who decides whatís handgun ammo? What about the lowly little .22 long rifle? Iíve been using that for years to shoot squirrels and rabbits, yet thereís pistols that shoot .22 and rifles that shoot .22s. Itís absolutely ludicrous. Címon Walmart. You ainít got the common sense God gave a goose.

Would Americans leave?

I understand at least 30,000 British people have applied for citizenship in Sweden. I think Americans, or ordinary Americans, if the European countries were closer, would be doing the same thing.

Ok then

Good day. I donít care how much gas a cow passes, I still like steaks and hamburgers. Thank you.