Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Shout out to armed forces

I would like to speak out and give a shout out to all the active retired and reserve men and women of the armed forces and the police and fire departments here and abroad for keeping our homeland free and protected. It takes a special type of person to serve our country and communities thank you for your time honor and dedication.

Send veggie burgers to California

I would like Burger King to take their veggie burger to California and feed them to Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi. Thank you.

Looking for someone to do yardwork

I was looking for someone to do some yard work in New Madrid, Mo. Probably a little tiller work and possibly bush hog. I need to do some leveling and put some bare dirt between a lot and our property cause grass is growing pretty high. And also trimming some trees. Please call me at 521-7135 and Iíll return your call. It isnít a lot of work but we need to get it cleaned up. Thank you.

Is west end of Sikeston in flood zone?

Yes, I put in for a DAEOC and they wrote me a letter and told me they cannot help nobody on the west side, not even the upper part of west side because we are in a flood zone. Iíve been here over 30 years and I have never heard that before. And I would like to know if that is the truth, what DAEOC is saying. Thank you.

Several years ago FEMA changed what was a flood zone in Sikeston and a lot of the area was encompassed. You can call the city and find out if you are in fact in a flood zone.