Saturday, October 19, 2019

Taking headlines very literally

Hello, today the New York Times reported that 18 years ago, airplanes took aim on the twin towers in New York City. That is the same as saying guns walk out in the street and take aim on other people. They were people flying the airplanes and people with guns doing the shooting. Thank you very much.

Can they smoke in apartments?

Yes, I will not give my name but apartment buildings for housing, like HUD and all that. I seen an article in there where they arenít supposed to smoke in these apartments. Well the apartment building I live in they do smoke and itís horrible. I have asthma and everything else and I get up early in the morning and smell cigarettes. Itís horrible. I donít know if this is against the law. I know they donít allow it in the Morehouse area and other places. Is it against the law to smoke in these apartment buildings? Are they not supposed to go outside? Please, respond to this. I want to know.

Since we donít know what apartments you live in we canít answer that. Ask your landlord.

Officers statements OK by caller

I canít believe what I heard on KFVS tonight. Our new police chief thinking of punishing an officer over his comments about Muslims right after 9/11.The complainers are laughing in our faces and you canít see it for your liberal thinking.This isnít New York or California and I still remember 3,000 dead and you and KFVS pushing a few complainers down our throat. Time to make a change in politics here, too.