Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What happened to freedom of speech

What has happened to freedom of speech when a policemanís career is jeopardized because of a foreignerís civil rights? Has anybody forgot about 9/11?

How can people vote for Democrats?

I have been thinking that how can anybody vote for any position from dog catcher to president after all the low life tricks that the Democrats are trying to pull on the American people right now. How can you vote democratic if you listen to whatís going on?

Former deputy still running loose

I would like to know why the Scott County officer that had sexual relations with a young boy, in Sikeston, in a police car, is still running loose. Whatís wrong with Scott County? Are they saying that this kind of behavior is OK now? I think something should have been done. He was supposed to stand up for the law, not break the law. Thank you.

The former officer is out on bail and his court case is ongoing.