Saturday, October 26, 2019

Somebody call for me

I would like someone to call Jefferson City, tell Governor Parson and he tell every civil leader, church leader, whatever kind of leader there is in St. Louis, there is no such thing as gun violence. There is people violence.

You seem to be pretty good with a phone, canít you call them?

Why is Mississippi County forgotten?

Yes, I just want to make a comment about the Food Bank and the pantry trucks that goes around to different counties. I would just like to ask them, like I sent them an e-mail and ask them, isnít Mississippi County over here, we are considered a poor county too. We would like to have a food truck to come by before Thanksgiving and Christmas. There ainít one thing on the Food Bank for truck. Every other county is having a truck in October, November and December. How about Mississippi County? We are the ones over here in East Prairie that got a $65 water bill to pay each month.

Wanting war in the Middle East

Now then that Saudi Arabia has proven that Iran sent the drones that busted up their oil rig, why donít Saudi Arabia and Iran just have a good ole fashion scrap over there in the desert? Why does it mean anything to us? Why donít they fight each other?