Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Bring back prohibition?

I donít know why in the world people think they have to drink beer and whiskey everywhere they go. I think getting it legalized at college football games is stupid. Donít matter if thereís kids in places or not, theyíve got to have their alcohol. It is so stupid. I donít know why in the world they want to pass stuff like that. Itís crazy.

Renters leave a lot to be desired

In regard to the letter concerning rental properties in the Friday, Sept. 20 issue, ďIf you donít like a property shown to you, you donít have to rent it.Ē Even good renters often leave a lot to be desired. People can move into a nice, well-cared for property and dirty it up and tear it up in no time at all and suddenly become unable to pay the rent and make like squatters thinking they have a right to stay even if they donít pay. Furthermore they donít abide by other terms of the lease, such as no animals of any kind in the house, which are often very destructive, dirty and smelly.