Wednesday, November 6, 2019

In need of a walker

Yes, my phone number is 931-4609 and I am in need of a roller walker. One of the walkers with rollers on it that rolls. Either that and a wheelchair. I need this very much. I canít hardly walk at all now. So please if anybody can donate to this to me. Thank you very much.

Caller needs to learn about possums

The person who said, ďwhy would you kill an innocent possumĒ obviously does not know how many diseases a possum carries or itís like its cousin, the armadillo. It carries leprosy. Why donít you put one in a box and put it in your house and save it because they are nothing but vermin. You need to wake up sweetheart, or mister, whichever one you happen to be. You are not educated enough to talk about possums.

Caller has seen everything now

Well, I have seen everything now. Television commercial, black boy, white girl and a queen advertising condoms.