Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Local gas prices are a rip off

Yes, I know I keep calling every time I go to St. Louis but when I come back home here in Sikeston Iím so peeíd off when I see gas prices. Up there in St. Louis theyíve got clean act. The fuel is cleaner. Two dollars and one cent. Down here, $2.29 and some places more. Itís a shame, itís a rip off and thatís all itís about. Our fuel is dirtier and we pay more for it. But thatís what Speakout is for. You can call and talk about getting screwed every day of life.

Wait for Pelosi to destroy California

Yes, this if for anybody who believes in Sodom and Gomorrah. Now look at California. It looks like God is trying to destroy California. Which they should, there has been a lot of sin going on out there. But before He does destroy California, someone, you know a preacher, needs to call and tell God to hold up until Nancy Pelosi gets out there. That way he can destroy her along with California. Thank you, have a good day.