Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Want to be an animal?

Mr Editor. Would anyone in this society like to be deer that no one needs to kill for the meat? Would anyone like to be a dove? How about a rodeo animal? Wouldnít that be wonderful to be a rodeo animal? Or to be a pig, squeezed into a pen where you canít even turn around, living on a grate. No one cares what happens to you, how youíre killed. They say when a pig is killed it sounds just like a human scream. How about that? Or would you like to be a mink, killed for a mink coat? I understand they jab an electrode up their anus to kill them. And that scream is supposed to be something horrible to hear. Would you like to be a chicken? Or how about a cow? Only allowed to live two years when you might live 30. How would you like to be that?

What is Gallagherís salary?

Mr. Editor, can you inform the American taxpayer, in particular here in Sikeston, what the salary and benefits of this Steve Gallagher amount to. Looks like he does pretty well as a SEAL from what Iíve seen. Iíd just like to know. Donít you think that salaries paid to public people by the taxpayers should be public?

Do you mean Eddie Gallagher? You can look up online what the salary is for a Navy SEAL.