Letter to the Editor

Letter: Witch hunt

Friday, December 13, 2019

Dear Editors:

After reading Vic Martin’s letter to the editor in the Poplar Bluff, Missouri, newspaper on Dec. 5, I had to respond.

Is it what the Democrat Party is trying to accomplish through their impeachment hearings good for our country? No! President Trump questioned why it was that a young boy and I repeat a young boy, Hunter Biden, from the United States being put onto the governing body of the Ukraine Natural Gas Company.

Also, Mr. Martin is trying to say that President Trump is trying to give away the USA to Russia. This is a joke. Yes, Russia tries to interfere with our elections through advertising in some of the questionable web-sites and these companies have been put on notice.

Mr. Martin needs to get his head out and see what has happened to our country during the past 40 to 45 years. Our country has been going down hill and we finally get a President that is not a Politician. It takes someone like President Trump to see what has happened and finally trying to get our country back to where it should be. Also, I feel that we should be friends with Russia, not close friends but friends rather than enemies. We do not need another world war.

Mr. Martin states that he served nine years in the military service. I served my country in the military service during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and retired as a U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer. I have talked to several other veterans and they believe like myself. We all feel that we need a President that is not a politician in order to get our country back.

I am a registered Democrat, but I still vote for the person that I feel will do the best job that they are voted in to do. It appears that the Democrat Party is heading for destruction on the path that it is headed for at the present time.

There is an old saying that I feel is true. That is: “Politicians and baby diapers need to be changed often for the same reason.”

God bless everyone.

Tom Melton,

Doniphan, Mo.