Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Try out of town gas stations

Yes, this is to the guy complaining about the gas prices in Sikeston. You ought to try doing what I do. I go out of town to get my gas. I go to Benton, Charleston, New Madrid, anywhere but Sikeston to get my gas. And itís a nice little drive to go out of town and I save me about $20 every time I go because the gas in this town, is like you said, a joke. So try it some time, you might like it.

Nutrition Center is nice place to go

To the person a Speakout about the Nutrition Center Ė I donít understand. Iíve never seen anyone get more food than the others. Iíve been going there for several years. Bingo is fun. We donít get expensive gifts but it is all about being fun. Iíve never seen them get a gift until the numbers are checked. They may pick a gift out but canít have it until the numbers are checked to make sure they have a Bingo. The Nutrition Center is a place for seniors to go, make friends, have fun, play Bingo, get a nice inexpensive lunch. It is a good place to go. Iíve never seen these things happen. Thank you. Bye.

Have the honor rolls run?

I was just calling to see if the Wing School honor rolls have been listed in the paper yet. If they have, I overlooked them. If they havenít could you let us know? We have all of our honor roll for our kids except this one and I donít know if I just missed it or not. Thank you.

Wing Elementary has not submitted any honor rolls this school year.