Saturday, January 4, 2020

Keep UTVs off city streets

I agree that Sikeston doesnít need UTVs on city streets. That just isnít safe. These streets in town are crazy enough without adding UTVs. I donít know why they would even consider this. The police canít handle what they deal with as it is. Why add something else for them to try and police?


I hope city council doesnít allow UTVs. They will be nothing but a nuisance. They will be loud and zipping up and down streets. Some of our city streets are in bad enough shape, we donít need more vehicles tearing them up. How can the city properly inspect them? Are they going to have license plates? This just seems ridiculous.

Allow UTVs on city streets

Yes, Iíd like to speak out on the UTV ordinance in Sikeston. All of the towns and cities around us already have this ordinance and have for many, many years. UTVs have roll cages and seat belts and all of the lights that all cars have. UTVs are far more safe than most of the vehicles on the roadway today. They are four-wheel motorcycles with roll cages and seat belts. They are fully insured, so again I am for this ordinance and I hope it passes. Thank you.


Yes, this is a concerned citizen of Sikeston. I am in 100 percent support for the UTVs on the streets. I donít think it will be a bad thing. I think it will be a good thing. I donít know if this will get printed in Speakout or not but Iím for it, Iím 100 percent for it. I donít think it will be a bad thing.


Iím in support of the UTVs on the city streets. I hope this gets published. It may not, since the editor has a view otherwise but I appreciate it. Thank you.

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