Saturday, January 11, 2020

How much to keep cars going?

Mr. Editor, could you please find out for me how much, if there are statistics somewhere, how much an ordinary American spends every year keeping his vehicle going and in operation. Iím sure it varies from the class your in, the financial economic class youíre in, and what part of the country you live in. Because here in the middle of the country we have virtually no public transportation to relieve a personís burden of their individual transport responsibilities. So I think it would be helpful for people to know.

New names for Trump supporters

Although Trump supporters have co-opted the word conservative as descriptive of the presidentís policies and actions, However, President Trump is not a conservative. He is more of what might be deemed an authoritarian right wing populist demagogue, something anathema to real conservatives. I therefore call upon the open minded supporters of Sikeston and the surrounding areas who support President Trump to refer to themselves as Trumpers, Trumpsters, Trumpitistas, or something similar. It may start the ball rolling in helping to clear up the confusion.