Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Stop embarrassing children

I wish local and regional media would stop showing pictures and live film videos of children recipients of charity gifts, clothes and other items at Christmas time. I know various people and organizations want to be credited with their charitable acts toward those less fortunate. But donít you know youíre setting these children up to be teased and embarrassed? How important is it? Is it a matter of the children or adults involved? And by the way, charity is not going to really help people in the long run. Now some economic efforts might help, if they were carried out the right way. But please, please, stop featuring children with do-gooder adults taking them shopping, or fitting them with clothes or blah, blah, blah.

If you donít like it, donít go

This is to the person who complained about the nutrition center. If you only go to complain, why go? They offer a good nutritious meal for unheard of price and bingo is optional. You donít have to play. If all you have to do is complain, stay home. Thatís the only solution. Thank you.