Saturday, February 1, 2020

Censure Polosi, too

By changing it’s rules the Senate go ahead with trial and acquittal of President Trump. They can also “censure” Pelosi for extortion (holding up the impeachment until the Senate agrees to “her” terms). Which is usurping our constitution! Censuring Pelosi would impose a ban prohibiting her from communicating in any official capacity, with “any” senator for one year. Any senator violating that ban can be censured with impact. It’s time Nancy Pelosi learns “The Power of the Gavel”!

Thank you, Morehouse Fire Department

I would to thank the Morehouse Volunteer Fire Department with all my heart. On Christmas Eve they always give fruit and candy to children with Santa sitting on top of the fire truck, waving at all the kids. I thought to myself before Christmas, “why do they need to do this anymore when kids have a lot of stuff these days?” But when I watched four or five little kids, waiting by the street and how they waved their little hands at Santa and the fireman handing them their treats, I thought, “yes, this is why they do this.” God bless, good job, keep it up.