Wednesday, February 5, 2020

If you work here, pay the bills

Yes, I saw they were wanting to tear down the schools. Lee Hunter School was one of them and Route 6 school and the C Building was one and a few buildings the schools were wanting to tear down. I was wondering if people were able to pay their taxes now on the school tax. That is one of the highest taxes we are paying. And now they are going to raise our light bills in the back yard for rental lights. And then probably again they are going to keep raising our bills. Why do we want them to keep raising our school bills? Most of the teachers live out of town anyway. They donít pay any of the bills. And the policemen donít live here in town. I think if you work here in town you ought to at least pay some of the bills. The school bills and some of the electric bills and see how much they really cost.

Slow down

Yeah, itís 12:12 and Iím on Highway 55 north and Iím running a speed limit of 70. A state car, a white Chevrolet, just past mile marker 84, has to be running 75-80 miles per hour. Can somebody explain to me why a state car is running 75-80 miles per hour on the interstate? Maybe sheís late for lunch or something. Itís a female. Maybe whoever handles the cars or dispatching can find out who was on 55 north today (Jan. 7) and maybe tell that person to slow down a little bit. Thatís our tax money their burning up. Thank you.