Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Neuter the abusers

Whoever tortures or injures a child or animal, the first thing that should be done to them when they are found is to neuter them, so they will never, ever be able to have children. And if they already have children they wonít be able to have any more. That is the first thing that should happen to anyone proven to be a child or animal abuser. Weíve got to stop it. And thatís one of the best ways I can think of. In addition to putting these people away forever. Forever. You canít rehabilitate that kind of evil.

Why were the jobs taken?

Americans can make bars of soap. Americans can make hand lotions. Americans can make light bulbs. Americans can make tools, the best in the world. Americans can weave fabric and process plants. The best in the world. Americans can make washing machines and dryers and other machines, the best in the world. Why were the jobs taken out that involve making these things? So the business community could kill the unions because the business community does not want to pay their fellow Americans a living wage.

Once a thief, always a thief

It seems to be our way of life. Certain people get a job making good money. Establish themselves there and then steal large amounts of money. They eventually get caught. They get slapped on the wrist. Have to pay back a small amount of the money. The same people go somewhere else and get another job and do the same thing over again and again.