Saturday, February 22, 2020

Some donít care about injuries

I am sad to see that the Sikeston City Council approved UTV use on city streets. I guess we can just wait for some serious injuries. The city council members who approved this bill obviously donít care about people getting hurt.

Paul should be thrown in jail

Rand Paul should be arrested for attempting to release the whistle blowersí identification. This is definitely a violation of the law. Throw him in jail.

Tired of people not sitting home

I get so tired of hearing people say: ďIíve been so sick. I am so sick.Ē Then a car comes along and boy theyíre in it. Rain, shine, sleet or snow. Then they whine because they feel bad. Then the ones thatíre ďOh I donít have any money at all,Ē are always in Walmart and eating out and stuff. If you donít have money, donít stay in Walmart all the time. It donít make any sense. Thank you for letting me speak out.

Did Parson pay for his plane ride?

I think itís great that Governor Parson is paying for his Super Bowl tickets, but is he paying for his passage, airplane probably? Just wondering.

Shut up, Hillary!

Hillary Clinton needs to shut her fat face. Sheís making the Democrats sound just like the Republicans. Personal attacks are all these little narrow minds are capable of. Iíve called in before; all that woman wants to do is to establish her little political dynasty with that ugly little daughter of hers who married a hedge fund manager dutifully and has had more brats for this society to contend with. My god this whole class of people are disgusting.

Prowling problem on Taylor?

I was wanting to know if anyone else on Taylor Street is having problems with prowlers. Thank you.

Hillary and Biden need to go away

Hillary and Joe Biden need to disappear. Go back into the woodwork. They are nothing but bland political creatures and will mean certain, certain defeat for the Democratic party. I wouldnít care who they ran against, it would mean that, if they ran. My god!