Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Term limits are needed for Congress

Yes, after watching the impeachment debacle, there is only one conclusion all Americans can agree on, or should agree on, and thatís term limits. There is no way a 75 or 80 year old congressman, Democrat or Republican, has the average American citizens best interest in mind. We need a constitutional amendment on the ballot and let the American people decide how long a congressman should be there. I would assume maybe 12, three terms or four would be plenty. With the divide now, I think term limits is the obvious choice.

Impressed with Scott County Transit

Iím calling about the article in the paper, ďAngels on Wheels: Scott County Transit employees help save clients life.Ē I am so impressed with such a wonderful group of employees. Iíve used their service a number of times and they are all just wonderful employees and Iím glad they were able to help someone who really needed help. Thank you so much.