Sunday, March 1, 2020

Smith should pay for column

Is Jason Smith paying for his weekly column in the Standard Democrat? I know this column was reserved for the 8th congressional district representative. Since Jason Smith is using this column as a personal campaign column for himself, or promoting his party, he should be reporting it as a campaign expense or as a campaign contribution so he meets the Mo. state requirements for campaign reporting. It would also be nice to see other representatives and candidates views published by the Standard Democrat, and of course, charge them the same as Jason Smith.

Smith’s column is an opinion piece from the view of the Eighth Congressional District representative who serves Southeast Missouri. We do not charge him nor do we pay him to run the column. We run the piece as a community service to our readers. We would be happy to publish other elected officials’ columns in our paper, but Smith is the only one who puts out a column every week all year long. We do try and will try to run other elected officials’ columns in the Standard Democrat as they’re available. You are correct in that this is an election year, and we will also be more mindful of that when running columns of elected officials who are seeking re-election. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Pelosi should be impeached and worse

Now that the phony impeachment is over, let the U.S. start a true impeachment, on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. First for disrespecting the President of the United States at his speech. Second, she knows the right way to have a proper impeachment but she chose to use the illegal one to benefit herself. We need to impeach her and any allies who want to destroy the United States. Take her out of the House, walk her across the United States, stopping at each state and let people bullwhip her. Get to California and throw her in the ocean and let the sharks eat her. I am a US citizen, born and bred in this country and I will defend this country with my life. I think she is one of the reasons we need a military. Her and Hillary both should be fit to be shot.

Snapping to the marching orders

Mr. Editor, I see you’ve been given your marching orders and have dutifully snapped too. Childishness, and only one name mentioned? You don’t have far to go to be in line with Montana representative Rodney Garcia and the quote, “Germans who lived in the vicinity of the ovens and ignored the stench of burning flesh, pretending not to know what was going on.” You give me the sinking feeling of those who realized what those ovens meant.

Had you taken the time to actually read the column you would note there were two names mentioned in the article, Trump and Pelosi.