Saturday, March 7, 2020

Thanks for different viewpoints

I really enjoy reading news articles and editorial articles from the St. Joseph News, Associated Press and several others. Featuring a wider variety of viewpoints, providing more information on things going on in our state government, etc., makes the Standard Democrat newspaper more relevant to more people and will most likely increase the number of readers and newspaper subscriptions. So please keep doing that if you can, especially in the editorial section of the Standard Democrat. A big thanks to you.

How do they do it?

Yes, I live in New Madrid and I would like to know how they read your light meter on a device in your front yard where there are trees hanging over, there are leaves on the ground? How to do they read that through the air? Are they set up for that at the office or does it come from somewhere else? Iíd really like to know.

What ever happened to parents?

Yes, I was just reading tonight that someone tonight was blaming educators for what young people think. What ever happened to parents? Parents are the ones that are responsible for the teachings and beliefs of their children. Thank you for letting me speak out.


Downtown is too dangerous now

Do you have any idea how wonderful downtown Sikeston was in the 1960ís? Now Sikeston has pawn shops, liquor store and tattoo shops. Donít forget the rehab center. And Sikeston had the Carnival downtown too where everyone rode their bicycle to try and win a prize. Now, it is too dangerous. Yes, it would be nice to restore downtown but they need zoning and not have pawn shops and liquor stores, along with rehab centers in the once elegant town of Sikeston.