Saturday, March 14, 2020

Thank you for the kindness

I would like to thank the woman who helped me get my groceries loaded on this cold, windy evening. Sometimes people can be so sweet and helpful it just restores your faith in humanity. Thank you, thank you for taking your extra time to help me. I really appreciate it.

Read Elderís Feb. 28 column

All Americans, no matter what race, should read Larry Elderís article in the Feb. 28 paper. Thank you Larry Elder. Your articles are so true.

Prime example of local corruption

I agree wholeheartedly that the BMU in Sikeston is out of control with their rate increases. All you have to do in Sikeston is drive by a grocery store or restaurant and youíll see one or two BMU trucks. Many of them new or almost new. BMU is a prime example of wasting the cities money and still wanting to increase their rates. Itís a prime example of local corruption.

Work needed on vacuum sweepers

Good morning. The gentleman that used to work on vacuum sweepers, had his shop in the old, two-story brick building downtown Sikeston that was torn down a few years ago. Iíd like for him to put his phone number in the Speakout column. I have vacuum sweepers. Two of them that needs to be worked on. If heíd just put his number in Speakout Iíll be glad to call him. Thank you very much for your opportunity to put this in.

Sanders or Biden make the call?

Yeah, I was calling in about the Speakout about military and socialism. I want to know, do you think that was either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden that called that in? Just curious.