Saturday, March 21, 2020

What to do?

I was calling to find out from your readers what can be done about a 35-year-old man who refused to put his 2-year-old child in a car seat and rides around with the baby walking around in the back seat, unrestrained from a car seat or seat belt or anything. Just walking around, driving down the interstate that way with that child. This man has already had several seat belt violations and is not worried about a $10 fine. Hopefully there are some police or judges that will see this post who can recommend something that can be done to this man that is endangering the life of his child. Thank you.

List who votes for and against

When the city of Sikeston council members vote on an issue, bill, or amendment, why arenít the individuals names listed as to how they voted on the cityís council action report on the cityís website? Only the total vote is shown or not shown at all. I think we need transparency. People deserve to know how their council member representative votes, since they are supposed to be representing the people in their district who elected them.

Stop complaining about Hillary, Obama

Why is Trump and the GOP still complaining about Hillary and Obama. Trump and the GOP have used Hillary and Obama as a rationalization, or an excuse, for all their failures after 3+ years in control. Itís time to move on and quit whining about the past. Yes the GOP has had failures and they created them themselves. Stop the sorry excuses. The blame is on themselves.

Gas prices are too high in Sikeston

Hey people, why buy gas in Sikeston when you can drive four miles west of town and buy it for $2.05? Stations in Sikeston are holding us up again. Why canít they sell for the same price as a station out in the country? I donít understand this.