Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Did Bernie Mac have the coronavirus

Can someone tell me whatís the difference between what Bernie Mac had and the coronavirus? Thank you.

According to The Bernie Mac Foundation, Mac, who died Aug. 9, 2008, at the age of 50, suffered from the inflammatory disease sarcoidosis and died from complications of†pneumonia.

Trump, Putin are dividing up the world

Mr. Editor, Iíve heard that Trump and Putin have divided up the world some time ago. Putin wants western Europe and Trump is to get the western hemisphere, the United States and so on. I thought since you were working for them now you could confirm that for me. Is it true?

As a low-level employee they donít include me on such decisions, however I do hope they keep me in mind for a small tropical island.

Millionaires arenít too smart

Iím assuming that Parson is one of those agricultural subsidy made millionaires and they are usually the thuggy-type Trump backer and they donít really care about anybody else but themselves. Theyíre not too smart either.