Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Supporting the school bond issue

I will be voting yes for the June 2 bond issue. Lee Hunter and C Building are over 60 years old and need to be replaced. Safety and security for the students is crucial and these outdated buildings do not meet the need. Please join me in voting yes.

I am senior citizen here in Sikeston and I am calling Speakout to register my support for the upcoming bond issue that will allow two of our older buildings to undergo desperately needed build out. Lee Hunter Elementary and C-Building. They are in extremely poor state of disrepair and need to be replaced. They’re hard to cool in the spring and fall and hard to heat in the winter. The buildings are simply worn out and offer our men and women there an extremely poor learning environment and they are unsafe. The newer schools would certainly put a better foot forward when new businesses and professionals come to our fine city to relocate. I feel like it is extremely critical to support this issue. Please vote yes on June 2.

Voting no on school bond issue

I would like for everyone to get out and vote “no” on the school bond. They can cut back like the rest of us to build what they think they need. Folks take a look at your yearly taxes and see how much you pay in school tax now and they want more. They just built a new school now they want us to build another one and after this one I’m sure they’ll want more of our money for something else. Time to stop the nonsense and vote “no”.

Sikeston R-6 school tax vote. if you vote yes you are voting higher taxes on all your property. On your home, cars, trucks, boats, any property you own. This tax is forever. You will pay this higher tax rate as long as you live in the Sikeston school district. Think before you vote.