Friday, April 24, 2020

Great location debate

Iím responding to ďLambertís is in Miner, not Sikeston.Ē The poor, pitiful people donít know itís in New Madrid County. They are so proud of it being in Miner but thatís New Madrid County. Thank you.

Sorry, caller, but Miner is in Scott County, not New Madrid County.

Is COVID-19 transferred through money?

I am wondering if the following could be a way the virus is being transferred to people. When you pump gas, wipe the handle and when you get your money back that someone has handled, wipe it off or throw away your gloves. When you use your credit card anywhere, even if you use the slide in slots wipe it off before putting it back where you keep it. Also, when you get carry-out food, be careful of the change you get back and that they handle the container that the food is in. Keep disinfectant wipes in your vehicles, so that they will be handy to use. Everywhere we go others have some way come in contact with us in so many different ways.

How to make homemade wipes

To make some wipes, cut a roll of paper towels in half (jagged knife). Mix two cups of warm water and one cup of rubbing alcohol. Get 99% alcohol and one tablespoon of Dawn or any other dish detergent. Place a half roll of paper towls you cut in a container and pour in the mixture to soak through the towels. Turn the container with lid over for five minutes. Then keep the lid on all the time so they will stay moist, or put in a zip plastic bag. Stay safe.

Getting close to martial law

Hello, Southeast Missouri. Hello Miner. Hello region. This is a very serious situation we have with the coronavirus and everything. Weíve got the groupies that donít participate into the law and order. Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting into where it is martial law. I know the parks are closing but certain groups, donít matter what race it is, donít listen. If martial law is in effect, police department donít have nothing to say. Youíll be either taken care of or detained. So you can dope, you can do your hookiní and this other stuff. Wake up. I know you donít read the paper because youíre not that smart. God bless America.

Címon Sikeston, lower gas prices

OK, címon Sikeston. Gas stations and everywhere else around here gas is $1.61, $1.59, $1.65. Címon. Quit that price gouging on us. If you want us to drive to Charleston, East Prairie, Dexter right up over toward Morehouse, we will. Címon. Thatís what we call price gouging. Thatís a shame. Drop the prices. Youíre 12 to 15 cents higher. Thatís a shame on us. And we go in there and buy everything in the store.

Numbers for help?

I wondered if there was a way to do a public service for people in Sikeston, Matthews, New Madrid and the surrounding communities, whatís available for help for us that are impounded in our house and are sick and canít get out, because weíve been exposed to the virus. Especially those with young children. Itís getting pretty hard to get some food at places and necessities like toilet paper and stuff. As far as we know there is no help no where. There is nothing been posted or nowhere to call. Everybody got stuff but now itís getting hard. Will you post things, especially for these little children and those that have elderly moms and dads. Would you put a number in the paper for them to get help if they can get it? Thank you.

We have ran numerous stories with ways to get help and will continue to do so. You can also see them on our website at www.standard-democrat.com.