Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Why donít chain stores protect workers?

I recently went to a small gas station in Bloomfield and the cashier had been supplied with a plexiglass partition between her and the customers. What I want to know is why I havenít seen the big chain stores, who make millions, and everyone knows the oneís Iím talking about, havenít done something similar or anything to protect their workers. I guess they see their workers as a renewable resource. There are more where they came from plus the customers, who now work without pay for the stores, checking themselves out, would be safer.

Stay at home and treat own symptoms

I would like to comment on Jason Schrumpfís article. We should stay at home and treat our own flu symptoms because there is no cure for this virus and they need their masks, gowns, gloves and equipment for routine situations. So the only thing we should do is stay at home, pray and take care of ourselves and take care of this flu situation on our own.

Please, if you have symptoms, call your doctor or hospital.

Governor could do better

I think we have a really good governor in Missouri but for some reason heís not doing really anything. Not on the economy, or taking food down or rescuing people or housing or anything. He says wait and check on the economy. Iím more worried about my family than what the businesses are going to do. They can be rebuilt. Iím really disappointed in him. Heís a great man and has always done a great job but I think they need to have guidelines of every state the same and weíre being left out in the cold. Címon on governor, youíre smart enough. You can do it. Youíre a good man.