Saturday, May 9, 2020

Trump hasnít handled situation well

Trump disbanded the NSC pandemic response team. Trump cut funding to the CDC and W.H.O. Trump was playing golf and holding campaign rallies while the pandemic was ramping up. Trump did not read or ignored briefings from the experts, or follow their recommendations. Trump continues to only freak out about the economy. Trump literally said, ďI take no responsibility.Ē Trump claims heís not responsible for being unprepared for whatís happening now. Trump is now trying to credit himself for doing a great job. May God help us all.

Help out those who arenít working

Iíd like to suggest that anybody who has any yard work, painting to be done, repairs around the house, raking, maybe cutting down some shrubs, anything, to call some of the people that are not getting to work right now. Just pay them by the hour or whatever to help them through these bad times. I know myself I have odds and ends that need to be done that Iíve put off all winter long. Maybe it would help a young person, or help them get some groceries or help them just get gasoline or whatever they have to have. If you know someone who is not working and youíve got some odd jobs, lets give them a call. Help them out.

Has Trump been right yet?

On the front page on the April 1 Standard we read that Trump is pushing to open everything back up as quickly as possible. What has he been right about? What can cause anyone to believe him? He first said he had it under control, nothing to worry about. Then it was a hoax and would soon magically disappear. Then it was just the flu. On and on with his lies. But this pandemic is something he canít convince his zombies to ignore. It could kill them. He chose to disregard his own advisors who warned him in advance how serious it was going to be. They believed all his other lies. But he and the Trump news canít hid this.

GOP doesnít fear God

I saw in Speakout the other day someone wanted everyone to pray to end the coronavirus. Do you think God might be the one who put this upon us? He might be getting tired of the way people are doing these days. It looks like people no longer fear God, especially our GOP senators in Congress. They took an oath before God to be impartial when it was only one person who took it serious. The rest were more afraid of Trump and their job. America is no longer a God fearing nation.