Friday, May 22, 2020

Looking for face care product

I was just wondering. I was trying to find an ingredient. It was something to put on your face for your skin and the name of it is LA Lune. I’ve been trying to find it. Somebody told me it was really good for your face and your skin. If anybody knows where I can find that put it in Speakout please. Thank you.

Isn’t it ironic?

How ironic that as I’m sitting here watching the Missouri Governor talk about reopening our state and how we’ve, not his exact words, beat this and are now plateauing out, that I am receiving a text from my sister in-law, saying that her sister in-law, just tested positive for the virus. And that her brother is displaying symptoms. Her sister in-law is a medical worker that lives in Jackson, Missouri.

Appliance buyers beware

You may want to beware before buying an appliance with the name Whirl or the Pool in the name brand. My washer is barely a year old and no longer working. They guarantee that they will fix it between the year if it breaks down. They figure it will last a year. Anyway they have one repairman that works in the Southeast Missouri area. It’s been days since we’ve called them. The repairman called today to say he couldn’t make it because the van broke down. Who knows when that will be fixed. So buyer beware.

New phone number

Hello, I am the lady that picks up garage sale stuff after people’s through with it. Me and my daughter. Please give me a call. I have a new number. We’ve done a lot of business picking up garage sale stuff. We put it in boxes and take it away for you. Here’s my new number. My new number is 573-380-2016. That’s my number. Give me a call and we’ll be glad to make a date to pick up the stuff for you. Thank you.

Trump keeps firing people

How many people can Trump fire and keep the country running? Trump continues to fire experienced people in high positions every week. He claims he is “cleaning the swamp” but in many cases replacing them with unqualified, inexperienced people of which many are his donors. Trump is one of the few presidents who has hired so many of his relatives, i.e. (nepotism), as he doesn’t seem to trust smart, experienced people. There is not a business in the world that could survive with this kind of management turnover. Is this paranoia and insecurity? There have been just too many good, trustworthy, experienced people who have lost their job.

More people should wear masks

I wish more people would wear a mask. After shopping in Sikeston this week it seems like less and less people are wearing a mask. Folks! The Virus is not over! Please wear a mask and protect yourself, family, and neighbors. We don’t need more sickness and death. We will eventually get over it.

Trump has been great

Trump has done a fantastic job handling this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that we are experiencing in our country. He was not the one who depleted the supplies we have for emergencies. Those were depleted by President Obama during the SARS breakout. And they were never replenished by the US government, thanks to Obama. It is not President Trump’s fault that we did not have the supplies necessary to combat this coronavirus in the beginning when it developed because President Obama never restored our supplies back into our country after his handling, if you would call it that, after the pandemic that he was over. To blame Trump is utterly ridiculous. This man has worked hard, day and night, and followed the lead of the medical experts and he is doing everything according to the wishes of the American and he is fighting for the American people. Make America great again. Trump 2020.