Saturday, May 23, 2020

Pleased with BMU rates

Im calling to speak out in response to the person complaining about the high rates from BMU. I have family that lives outside of Miner and their electricity is supplied by Ameren UE. Their electricity bills are twice as high as those I pay from BMU. Also my family has a small property in Bollinger County that has a small trailer sitting on it that we use only on weekends and the electricity bill from Ozark Border for that property is probably twice what we pay for our home here in Sikeston. When you compare the rates of BMU to surrounding electric companies, Im very pleased with the rates I pay from BMU. I know other people may not be as happy with the BMU rates, but if they had adequate comparison, I believe they will find that our rates with BMU are far better than ours with surrounding services. Thank you.

Who is paying?

Who is paying for the new electronic water meters? The city of Sikeston and BMU are boasting that the Sikeston city home and business owners are getting new electronic water meters. Does this mean more taxes and higher water bills? Who and how is this new equipment being paid for? How many meter readers will lose their jobs to pay for the new equipment? Somebody has to pay, and jobs are a key issue. Our water bills keep growing and we also dont need more job loss. Our city council and BMU have not been transparent on where the money is coming from.

We ran a story on May 10 explaining the new water meters. According to Rick Landers, general manager at BMU, BMU is paying for the meters out of their budget. BMU is investing in AMI as part of a long-term strategy to improve operational efficiency and service, Landers said. The meters are an investment for BMU, just like building a new substation or other infrastructure. No additional rate increases are required to fund this project.

Wear masks, stay healthy

No shoes, no shirt, no service. I think it ought to be no shoes, no shirt, no face mask no service. Because those of us that are out here, have to get out, we need to keep our face covered and still stand 6-10 feet apart. God bless everyone and may everyone stay healthy.