Saturday, May 30, 2020

Disliking homosexuality on TV

I donít know whatís wrong with you Christian people. You know itís wrong to be homosexual or gay or lesbian. And their showing so much of this on TV. I donít understand it. Whereís the preacher at? Why arenít they standing up for God saying this is not going to be allowed. I wish it would not be shown the lesbian or homosexual kissing or doing anything in bed. Now itís just not right. Thatís why I say it makes bad look like good and make good look like bad. It doesnít work in my book. Iím just not gonna plain watch it. If you all are watching it then I feel sorry for you all because Iím worried about my own shoes. Iím not going to wear your shoes.

Why are BMU employees at home?

Why is it that BMU employees can be at home 5 to 6 times a day during work hours? These people are paid very well and to be at home this many times during work hours is a big waste of money. Are these people not being accounted for during work hours? No wonder our utility bills are so high more wasted money by BMU.

Verdict is a shame

Eight million dollars. What a shame.