Wednesday, June 10, 2020

People are going crazy

People in this world are going crazy. All they study is killing and writing and protesting, sex and thatís all they study. Most of them donít even study anything that really counts good for anything. They just think about the bad stuff. I know Godís watching and heíll take care of that one of these days.

Transfer the weatherman out of town

Iím glad others see how poorly a job Grant Dade of a Cape Girardeau TV station does. He needs to be transferred to another station. Grant is an alarmist and scares people during bad weather. I feel sorry for viewers who are afraid of storms.

Police should just call in sick

Hello, this is the third or fourth time I have made this request. Please put it in your paper. But whatís going on in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Every policeman in the United States should call in sick every other day. The end.