Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Put the rioters in jail

I don’t know why in the world those people are rioting and everything like they’re doing because that policeman killed that black man. The policeman should be punished but that ain’t gonna bring the boy back – tearing up people’s stuff, shooting people. They oughta put them in jail. I don’t know how they work or anything when all they do is run around and riot and everything. I don’t know what good it does to go to all different states and everything to riot. I guess they’ll stop it someday. It’s just ridiculous. All right. Bye.

It should be noted there are many peaceful, nonviolent protests taking place locally and across the country unrelated to the looting and violence you speak of.

Where are the sale bills?

Why is it there is not a Macy’s sale bill in the Sikeston Standard Democrat anymore? The paper Sundays and Wednesdays, there’s hardly anything in them.

We are assuming you are meaning sale ads and not news, which there is plenty of in all our papers. Due to COVID-19, some businesses had to pause running their sale ads because they had reduced hours and due to manpower hours and shortages, they were unable to know what was going to be shipped, meaning they couldn’t advertise specific items. They are slowly beginning to return.