Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Time to cancel all sports

Hello America. Hello southeast Missouri. Hello Miner, Missouri, weíre doing good today. We got some good rain. Oh by the way, the rodeo, I guess it was a success because I didnít go. There was too many people and I donít think any of them had masks on. So I guess they didnít care. The rodeo chairman said theyíve got to go on. Weíll see how this works out the next month or so and see how many people comes down with that bug because of greediness. And we got the school thing coming up, and weíll see how that works out. But anyway, thatís ok. You profile individuals know what your doing. My thing is cancel all sports. Football, basketball, especially basketball and football. And baseball they donít care, they come from another outlet. Iím talking about major league sports. Theyíre worried about the national anthem, they should worry about the damned disease. Just worried about the national anthem, I donít watch any sport now. I canceled everything. Iím a marine and I donít tolerate anybody who disrespects the flag. My say in that, everybody be safe out there. Use common sense and if you donít have to go nowhere amongst crowds and stuff. Stay away from it. It alleviates a lot of other concerns later on. Have a good day and God bless America.