Friday, October 2, 2020

Get vaccine and wear masks

The CDC director put out in the news today that the masks may be more effective than the vaccine for the COVID virus. A vaccine would be 70% likely to produce immune system suppression of the virus, 70% likely to work, and the mask would be better than that. For double protection, you could wear both, the mask and get the vaccine. Then you’d be playing your hand right.

Wear your masks

I applaud all the stores that require or request face masks. What bothers me is all the people who walk in to a store with a face mask and either pull it down or take it off. Without co-operation the virus will just get worse.

What is wrong with KFVS signal?

Can anyone tell me why the KFVS-12 signal is so weak? Their signal is like a 2 compared to WPSD-6 in Paducah which is a 6 to 7. Channel 23 KBSI is also 5 to 6 but KFVS-12 is only a 2. Why is their signal so weak? Anybody have an answer?

If you contact KFVS-12, they can probably answer your question.

How were things better with Obama?

Yes, I just read in the Friday, Sept. 18, paper, Speakout, “things were better with Obama.” I would sure like for somebody to tell me what was better with Obama since our economy dropped to an all-time low since the depression, job loss was unbelievable, sent to China. Race relations were beat up and made worse than ever. Just name me one thing, if you can. Obamacare a disaster. Just name me one thing that was good.

Obama didn’t tweet all his thoughts.

Meetings are pointless

Good morning. It’s griping time again. In the Sunday paper, showing police and community partnership program. You can have all the fancy named programs and meetings you want, but until we quit letting the tail wag the dog, and let the public safety department do their job, new programs with fancy names and meetings are useless.

The point of the meetings are to let DPS do their jobs better by having a better relationship with the community they are policing.

When do Black lives matter?

Why is it that Black lives matter when a policeman shoots a Black man but when a Black man shoots a policeman it don’t matter or if a Black shoots a Black it don’t matter?