Saturday, October 3, 2020

Political ads attached to mail-in ballot

I just received my Missouri vote-by-mail kit. I cannot believe that it had political advertising on it, requesting my vote for Mike Parson and the Missouri republican party. It also states “Liberal Democrats hope you’ll let fear stop you from voting.” Voting by mail is a right and that right is not something paid for by a political party with advertising. Democrats are not trying to stop you from voting. It should be against the law to send out Missouri State voting instructions with political advertising attached. I am amazed.

Climate change happens

Step back from the ledge my friends. The world is never what it seems. Today we are talking about climate change. In my lifetime we have been terrorized by the threats of another ice age, acid rain, global warming and now the go-to term is climate change. The earth is old. It is living. It changes. Ask the dinosaurs. The most recent panic is over the fires in the western US, but what nobody bothers to mention is how the fire started. It was a gender reveal that started the massive fire. That’s an entirely different topic for another day. What we also fail to discuss is the lack of environmental policy by the governor of California to protect and prevent these massive fires through deforestation. The reason for the lack of policy to prevent these fires is simple, budget issues due to the complex tax and debt issue of California. Climate change happens. Climate change is real, but in the big picture of things our impact on this planet has been minuscule overall. Earth has been around a lot longer than humans and will outlast humans. We are no more than a flea or leech along for the ride. Common sense would look at the individual for starting the fire and not blame all of society for climate change. It is called arson.