Scott County with 42 new COVID-19 cases, one death Wednesday

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Scott County has 42 new positive cases and also reported an additional death-related COVID-19 on Wednesday.

According to the Scott County Health Department, the death is the 20th in the county. Along with the 42 new positive cases there were also 16 recoveries, leaving the county with 308 active cases, the most active cases at one time in Scott County since the pandemic began.

In the last week, there has been 208 new positive cases with 62 recoveries and three deaths.

The New Madrid County Health Department reported seven new positive cases on Wednesday, giving the county 53 cases to date. There has been 16 deaths and 608 are out of quarantine.

There has been 50 new cases reported in New Madrid County in the last week with 63 out of quarantine in the same time.

The Stoddard County Public Health Center reported 18 new cases on Wednesday and 146 new cases in the last week. There has been 104 recoveries in the last week and currently there are 192 active cases in Stoddard County, with 18 deaths related to COVID-19 reported.

Cape Girardeau County saw an increase of 32 active cases on Wednesday, giving the county 512. Seven recoveries were also reported and no deaths.

In the last seven days, the Cape Girardeau Public Health Center has reported 252 positive cases with the number of active cases increasing by 11. There has been six deaths in that time frame.

The Pemiscot County Health Department reported 59 active cases on Wednesday, an increase of two in the last week. The number of cases in the last week in Pemiscot County has increased by 53 while the hospitalizations has gone up by three. The number of deaths has remained at 13.

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