Letter to the Editor

Letter: Can Rip Van Winkle awake once more?

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Dear Editors:

Years of prosperity, more than any other country in the world, all types of entertainment, beer by the buckets now being advertised (like Israel of old that lay upon beds of ivory, eating the lambs of the field and drinking wine from bowls.)

Let the government do it for us so we can enjoy our pleasures without thought or worry. The government is always willing to think for us, provide for us as long as we let them withhold more from our neighbors than they do from us. When the well finally runs dry will we only then awake?

Weeks after weeks, we see our competition being isolated; no one protests because it isnít affecting our pleasures of life today so we sleep on.

We are told there is not time to print or debate our congressional bills before they are voted upon. Couldnít it be that some fear we might weak up if we took time to think and ask what is going on? It is so comfortable to just sleep on, why bother? Someone might think we are an alarmist. Can we once more awake before itís too late?

We are being told a certain number to attend our church services, three families to visit on Thanksgiving and Christmas, must wear a mask in our own house, if we wish to sing, must wear a mask and sing softly. Girl Scouts must withdraw their congratulations to Judge Amy Barrett being the fifth woman appointed to the Supreme Court. When we see sports stars and even children refusing to stand for our national anthem. Please open your eyes, ears and hearts before itís too late.

There is only one more step from socialism ó communism.

Please pray for our nation that cities will not also be burned and looted.

Ronald Ledbetter