Saturday, December 5, 2020

Put the grooves in 105

OK, over here in Mississippi County. This is the only Highway 105 that does not have the center line grooves. I called about a month ago to the Highway Department and was just asking questions out of the blue asking why they donít have the grooves on Highway 105. They got em on Highway 80, all of the other highways. Now a young lady just lost her life. If they had the grooves in the center of the line, the guy that came across and hit em the first thing you do is pull your truck back or vehicle back to the right. That wouldíve saved a life. Itís time to get the grooves put in on Highway 105. Itís only nine miles. I know it canít cost that much.

Bidenís address was uplifting

It was nice to see president elect Joe Biden give a supporting and uplifting Thanksgiving address to the American people. I guess Trump was too busy planning for his Thanksgiving golf day and contemplating which of his crony criminal friends and pals he will pardon before he leaves office.