Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Whatís plan for vaccine?

I am over 80 years old with several health problems. I want to take the new COVID vaccine. I called the local health department, state health COVID line, three hospitals, two major pharmacies and three doctor offices, none of which had any idea about when or whether they would ever receive the vaccine, which Trump says will be available in a few days. There is no plan or no coordination that I can find in Missouri. The governorís office referred me to a phone number that never answered after four calls. That is what we are left with with Parson and Trump and the Republican Party. Heaven help us if they wonít or canít. If the paper could let us know what the plan is, if there is one, that would be a real service. Thank you.

We are definitely working to find this out as well. We do know the vaccine arrived in Missouri on Monday, Dec. 14. Please continue to follow the Standard Democrat for updates.

Example should be set

It is an extremely bad look when Sikeston hosts a large basketball tournament and tells spectators that they must wear a mask and yet a Sikeston board member sits in the stands without a mask. What kind of example is that setting? Regardless of the board memberís political beliefs, he is an elected official with the school and should be setting an example. The only example he is setting is that the rules donít need to be followed. I know people donít like wearing masks. I donít like wearing masks. But when the administration makes a rule I follow it. I guess the rules donít apply to the school board though.