Saturday, January 23, 2021

Graham was right.. and wrong

I canít believe the people and the press canít bring themselves not to recognize and state the truth. Lindsay Graham, in 2016, ďif we nominate Donald Trump we will get destroyed and we will deserve it.Ē Of course like most Republicans, when Trump got elected, they couldnít find enough room to get in bed with him and his gang. Senator Graham, Congressman Smith, Senator Cruz, Senator Hawley, I could go on for a long time. Each one making a bigger fool of themselves and the others before them with ridiculous statements to please Trump in the belief it could be to their benefit. To heck with this country. They caused an attempted coup with dead people. The rot and the poison of Republicanism is now planted deep in our country. Graham also said, ďif Iím wrong, use my words against me.Ē Well, ok. As we stand on the edge of the cliff, if you donít learn from the last four years we will be destroyed and the Republicans deserve the credit. And they will take us all with them.

Does Smith pay for column?

Does our Rep. Smith pay for the ad thats in the paper every week for his little articles or does the taxpayers pay for that?

The space for the op-ed piece is free and offered to whoever serves that office.

Ban shouldíve happened long before

Trump should have been banned from Twitter a long time ago.

Why the postal delays?

Are others experiencing postal delays? My mail delivery time has tripled in the last couple of months. I mailed my daughter a Christmas card on Dec.14 and she has still not received it after 33 days. I paid my Spectrum bill and it took 19 days for the check to clear which normally takes 3-4 days and they even sent me a late notice. I have a small Amazon order which was shipped 20 days ago and has still not arrived. My Visa bill arrived 18 days later than normal and I had to make a direct bank transfer to prevent late charges. I know that Trump replaced the U.S. postal chief a few months ago and he had sorting equipment destroyed and mail boxes removed as an attempt to block voting by mail. Am I experiencing the results of the voter blocking efforts?

Smith needs to show leadership

Jason Smith needs to support and coordinate local officials and health departments to expedite vaccination of everyone in the 8th district. We wonít restore the jobs growth and prosperity until we eradicate this pandemic. Jason Smith, the election is over, stop the hate, show us leadership, and give us the support you were elected to do.

Heart goes out to man who was fired

My heart really goes out to the gentleman that was fired in Michigan or Indiana, I donít really know exactly where it was, but Iím thinking Michigan. Just because he offered a customer a mask. I donít think he did anything wrong. He was actually saving lives. Weíre already dealing with the coronavirus which is killing thousands of people every day. I donít think he did anything wrong. I couldnít stop crying to hear him talking about it and how he was just doing something protective and just being kind. I just pray to God he will be OK and get his job back or get another job because he really didnít do anything wrong. Thatís my personal opinion.